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Why Merino Wool

Merino is a luxury fiber and as such, you will not find chunky merino wool products in conventional shops and stores. Unspun, pure, merino wool is a joy to knit with.  It is incredibly soft and stretchy.  It is easy to knit and at this scale the results are fast and dramatic.  Merino fibers allow for excellent temperature regulation and breathability.  When you are cold, merino keeps you warm thanks to its structure.  When warm, the wool takes on a cooling effect.  Merino wool is hypoallergenic which mean those who suffer from allergies and/or hayfever can be rest assured when using this fabric in their homes.  Merino fibers deter allergens; it's no wonder this is the "go-to" wool for newborn babies and their sensitive skin.  Merino wool is also flame, water, odor and stain resistant!  It is a self-cleaning wool therefore a perfect houseware fabric particularly in homes where toddlers are running about!  Lastly, merino is very malleable. It will stretch, bend and adapt to your use, without losing its' shape or structure.  Quite simply, merino wool is a miracle fiber!


Product Aftercare

Merino wool products require special care as it is an unusual fiber, particularly in blankets. Due to the nature of merino, pilling and balling is common.  Please be aware that pilling is not a defect, it is merely a by product of using 100% unspun merino wool.  Before and after knitting, I semi hand felt each product to help reduce the pilling that will take place, however, initially, with touch and use, friction will contribute to further pilling.  Ironically, the more you engage with your merino, and the older it becomes the better the fibers bind together and pilling will reduce.   I recommend you carefully pull or scissor off any pilling you may observe after receiving your Chunky knit.  Over time, with use, the fibers will pill less leaving you with a beautifully felted merino wool product.  Should you find your blanket has lost its "fluff," don't be afraid to gently pull the stitches apart as this will renew the bulkiness.  When carefully cared for, merino wool products have longevity.

*Dry clean only when necessary *Spot clean with cold water *Remove pills carefully *Shake to re-plump and re-shape.

The Chunky Colour Chart

The Chunky Needle can custom make your product in a range of gorgeous Merino wool colours. Specialty blend colours are also available. Click HERE to see the full colour range.

Merino Colours

Acrylic Colours


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