Onward, Upward...


So week two has passed and The Chunky Needle is continuing to evolve.  I enjoyed attending the Made By Hand event in Cheltenham last weekend and was so impressed by the quality and caliber of artisans on display.  It gave me so much food for thought and I was thrilled to see only one other chunky knit artist on site.  As a local Gloucesterian (is that word?!) I hope someday I too might get to the Made By Hand event.

I've been thrilled to send off my first two dispatches this week.  Both New York and London are snuggling down with The Chunky Needle's merino blankets. What an amazing first couple of weeks! 

My first dispatches.  Opal and Pewter on display.

My first dispatches.  Opal and Pewter on display.

The week has ended with further research into my first market stall opportunities and with a national blogger that would like to work with me.  The sky is the limit and I can't wait to get into the studio each day.

Stay tuned for exciting days ahead and do sign up to my "Off The Needle" online magazine.  Until next week, have a chunky ol time! Cx