It’s All Me


The Chunky Needle has had a cracking few weeks, going from strength to strength. Our social media and website views this week hit a new record.  I’m so grateful to all those that pop round and check out all things Chunky Needle.  Your feedback and positivity is infectious and offers so much encouragement to develop and create new projects. My head is swelling with ideas and plans for the Autumn/Winter and I can’t wait to get back into Chunky HQ after our Cornwall holiday.  

Going back to the market I attended a couple of weeks ago, I was amazed at how many people asked me if I personally made all the products I was showcasing. It was an unexpected question. I assumed that others naturally saw me as the Maker behind the cushions and blankets I was selling.   I’ve had time to think on this.

People want to support individuals, artists and craftspeople. They want to meet the very person that puts their name and “stamp” on the final product. Those that buy local want to know where their contribution is going and want to make personal connections to that Maker.  At The Chunky Needle I am the sole face behind the name and brand. I’m not a limited company employing staff and you can be assured that every Chunky Needle product you purchase has been carefully crafted by me. Me alone. I don’t have the financial overheads that other sellers may have to absorb into their pricing structure, namely: employees, premises, PR teams, managers etc.  As a result my products are costed more affordably than those of my competitors.  


Luxury and quality are never sacrificed despite affordable pricing. I always use the best merino wool available to traders in the UK. Responsibly sourced from South Africa, the merino wool that goes into Chunky Needle homewares is of the highest grade available. 


I pride myself on the “details” so when you purchase a Chunky Needle product nothing goes without thought all the way down to presentation and posting.  Care has gone into each package with each parcel being dropped off personally to the shipping depot 40 minutes away from the Chunky studio. It’s my personal commitment to you, the buyer.  


So as I reflect on the Chunky Needle’s growth since the website launch nearly 5 months ago, I’m so proud of what has been accomplished and the direction my small business is moving toward.

The Chunky Needle is all me. No “helpers” or additional knitting staff. Just me, making it personally for you.

Keep cool lovelies and enjoy the sun.  


PS: A few tickets remain for the cushion workshop at Meggie’s Stow-on-the-Wold on August 9th. Last day to secure your wool colour choice is July 31st so don’t delay. Follow the banner link on the homepage to secure your spot.