Why So Expensive?


Right!  So I get asked this question often, and if not asked, I'm quite certain people do wonder why or how The Chunky Needle can command over £200 for a blanket!?!  It's a fair question, and I too would have wondered the same thing.  As an unknowing person, all one sees is the finished product, carefully displayed or demonstrated and the hours (sometimes days) that went into producing the product is never considered.  I get it. Some will say, "hey, I can make that myself!" to which I think, "go, do it, knock yourself out," but I can pretty much guarantee the quality, finish and presentation will not match the standard The Chunky Needle can produce in creating your bespoke chunky knit product.

When starting the business I had to sit down and do days of research considering costings and what to charge my customers.  I have no desire to gouge customers and I can pretty much promise, there isn't a considerable income to be made off the back of a blanket or cushion.  What I wanted was to create a luxurious product, using only the best wool available (no synthetics or acrylics here!) and wanted to present it in such a way that was worthy of the time and quality of the product.  So I started from the beginning.  First raw materials needed to be factored, the merino wool, the volume needed to produce a product at a certain size.  If making a cushion, the inserts need to be sourced and purchased. The equipment is required - a variety of needles at varying sizes to produce the gauge of chunky knit.  As unspun, merino wool is prone to shedding, I hand process the wool by using an extensive felting system that can actually take days to complete, start to finish.  Knitting the product is the easy part, it's the process the wool goes under after knitting that can take days to finish.  Each stitch needs to be fluffed and smoothed post production, and when you consider the size of a superking blanket, this can require significant time commitment.

After knitting and post production, the presentation is then considered.  Branded ribbons, tags, postcards, notecards etc. all cost money but I feel are essential in building a worthy luxury brand.   Postage is a cost I cover personally and I even subsidise international postage considerably. 


So you see, what may appear to be a quick knit product, actually can take days from start to finish and requires several stages of production prior and post knitting.  Your chunky knit product has been made carefully and lovingly and each stitch has been considered.  Merino wool is a luxury fibre.  You won't be able to source a 100% merino wool blanket or cushion in the shops or department stores.  These products are rare and individual.  They can last a lifetime with considered use.  So when people ask, "why does it cost so much" I hope the finished product will speak for itself.