The Chunky Needle Has ARRIVED!


Well a big HELLO there! It's our BIRTH Day!  1st March, 2018 The Chunky Needle has officially 'dropped' and I'm thrilled to release my needle into the world.  Thank you so much for the support and encouragement we've received thus far.  The Chunky Needle has been in various stages of production since October so it's super exciting to at last launch!

JPEG image-F718098C532A-36.jpg

So how and where did this wacky journey begin?  Well, let me see.  Back in the 80s (yes I'm going back that far...) I remember picking up my first knitting needles probably around the age of 11 or 12.  My aunt and Grandma were of the crafty persuasion and from them I learnt how to do basic stitches.  I would make ridiculously long, uneven scarves with holes heavily distributed. I'd drop stitches, pick up stitches but kept going.  None were wearable, but I definitely remember those days. 

Fast forward to 2005 when I first started chunky knitting - well before the trend swept our Instagram feeds.  From 2005-07 I knitted one chunky, extra long scarf after the next.  I wore those scarves all over Europe (as evidenced in the pics below.) I used 20mm needles, the largest available at John Lewis, and spent all my time in their haberdashery department.  You see, I was well ahead of the trend. LOL.


Life then got in the way a bit.  I got engaged, married and then after a long struggle, got pregnant with twin boys.  I was a secondary school teacher in London during these social media (SM) free years and was busy living life.  In 2014 I left my teaching job and in 2015 we moved from London to the Gloucestershire countryside and I became a full-time Mamma.  Now I mention social media as it was Instagram that put me back into the knitting swing.

As my boys grew older and were spending more time at nursery I would aimlessly roam my empty house and spend far too much time on SM.  With decorating our Grade II Georgian home I would research endless home decor blogs for inspiration and, soon enough, chunky knit blankets and throws consistently took center stage in these beautiful rooms.  Fortunately this was my skill I honed more than a decade earlier!

Leading up to this launch I've been eating, sleeping, and breathing knitting.  There have been people along the way that have definitely inspired and assisted me in getting to this place today.  You know who you are and thank you.

So there's my story.  I'm not seeking global knitting domination, but can't wait to share this amazing and very special craft.  Please do subscribe to The Chunky Needle's newsletter to receive a Chunky discount to use on your first order.  And remember, no one puts Chunky in the corner.